Physicians Affiliated with Friedwald Center

Friedwald Center is proudly affiliated with the following medical facilities:

  • Nyack Hospital
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Clarkstown Medical Associates, PC
  • Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, PLLC

Our goal is to partner with physicians and healthcare professionals to help individuals regain functional independence and significantly improve their quality of life.

Medical Director
Dr. Lisa Ferrara, MD
with Clarkstown Medical Assosciates, PC


  • Roy Eriksen, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • Mohammad Hafeez, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • Liviu Nastase, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • Vikram Shah, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • Devendra Sharma, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • Mickey Sharma, MD
    Internal Medicine

  • Brijender Batra, MD
  • Rochelle Brief, MD
  • Liviu Robert Jablonski, MD
    Surgery, Wounds
  • Michael Levy, MD
  • Meir Malmazada, MD
  • Jayesh Meht, MD
  • Nihal Sandhu, MD
  • Parvesh Sharma, MD
  • Don Zwicker, MD

Orthopedic Specialists from Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, PLLC
The doctors of Advanced Orthopedics provide weekly visits for the continuum of care from the hospital to Friedwald Center.  They will also make recommendations for the transition from Friedwald Center to home.

BarrySKraushaarMDBarry S. Kraushaar, MD
Co-Director of Nyack Hospital’s Joint Replacement Center

Dr. Kraushaar began practice in 1996. He founded Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in 1999. Dr. Kraushaar treats patients of all ages and specializes in joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery and sports injuries to the shoulder, elbow and knee.

JasonEFondMDJason E. Fond, MD

Dr. Fond joined Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine August 2001. In addition to sports medicine, Dr. Fond treats patients of all ages with multiple orthopedics diagnoses. This includes joint reconstruction for arthritis, fixation of complex fractures, hand trauma, and pediatric injuries.

RichardLPopowitzMDRichard L. Popowitz, MD

Dr. Popowitz joined the team of Drs. Kraushaar and Fond in August 2004. Though specializing in sports-related injuries, Dr. Popowitz also treats patients of all ages with a wide range of orthopedic symptoms and diagnoses. He participates as a team doctor for local teams as well as for professional athletes.


Our primary mission is to attain and maintain the highest level of trust and confidence in both our staff and services, by residents, family members, regulatory agencies and the community. More…


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